Design Challenge Design Challenge

This is a site about games right?

In fact game design. So why not do some designing?
On that note we are proudly announcing’s first design challenge.

Here’s the idea.

Use the three themes provided to invent a game. You get two hundred words to describe the game in a response to the post on the Blog. Whether the game is mini or epic, next gen or analog it’s all up to you.

If super similar entries are submitted priority will be given to the first submission, so get your ideas in early.
Judging will be done by a celebrity panel: Adrian Crook, Todd Batty and Andrew Laing. $25 will be awarded via paypal to the winner.

The judges will not be aware of who submitted which entry. The contest will be open for one week which means all entries must be submitted by 11:59pm (PST) Monday December 17th 2007.

If this proves successful from our perspectives we’ll start holding larger and larger cash prizes so get the word out.

Here’s the First Themes:

• Apples
• Morocco
• Clouds

Good luck and get designing.


Adrian Crook currently heads up Relic Labs, (an internal division of Relic) where he develops innovative new game concepts utilizing emergent themes such as casual gaming, Web 2.0 and free-to-play business models.

In 2006, Adrian was named Producer of the Year by the Canadian New Media Awards. Also in 2006, The Outfit, which he produced, was awarded Game of the Year by the Canadian Awards for the Electronic and Animated Arts.

Todd Batty most recently worked as Producer/Lead Designer on NBA Street Homecourt, which shipped on PS3 and X360, and is one of the highest-rated games on any next-gen platform. Electronic Gaming Monthly said: “The game bursts with one brilliant design decision after another – including a Gamebreaker power-up system that is, finally, perfect.”

Todd is also the pioneer developer who created the “Freestyle Control” feature that has revolutionized sports gaming.


Andrew earned a BA in economics from McMaster University and a diploma from Digipen University in the art of videogame design.

Video game design credits include Sega Soccer Slam, Aidyn Chronicles, Rifts: Promise of Power and Detective Brand Golf, which was a finalist in the Independent Games Festival in 2005. Andrew is currently prototyping for a next gen system as well as providing design services to local developers.


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