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The Road To Alpha

6 Dec

Alpha is only one short week away and we are all scrambling to get Forget Me Not Annie into Alpha state.  Currently 50% of the game is playable and we are hard at work on the remaining 50%.  As Alpha quickly approaches the team is extremely confident we will hit Alpha with everything we have planned completed.  It is hard to believe that the game will be fully playable in this short time.  We are extremely excited and cannot wait to be testing the game much more heavily in order to create the best player experience possible.  All of our game mechanics have been implemented and we are now hard at work on the last few puzzles as well as sound implementation.  The puzzle structures have been built it is now just a matter of scripting the puzzle into a playable state.  This is an exciting but frustrating moment in the game’s development because we are so close but it is not quite there.  We will have a huge push going into Alpha and be updating our progress along the way.


Forget Me Not Annie Game Mechanics

6 Dec

A lot has changed since the last post about the game Forget Me not Annie.  The progression of the game has flown by and things have changed more frequently than any of us could have imagined.   Here is a quick breakdown about what has changed since the original post of what Forget Me Not Annie is.




So the main mechanics of the game have changed numerous times.  We have finally settled on what we want and the game the final version of mechanics are as follows.

-The player has the ability to use telekinesis on almost all objects in the world.

-the player can control a distance of which they are holding an object.

-The player can summon Annie’s companion Howard the teddy bear.

-The player can interact with Howard by picking him up and controlling his distance.

-Once Howard is in the world they player can hit the “Y” button and swap places with him

Because Forget Me Not Annie is a puzzle game, we use these game mechanics to progress through the game world.

A Day of Recording

6 Dec

A huge thanks goes out to:

Jordan K. – Writer
Mike R. – Documentary. Visit

Simone Swan
Kieran McGreal
Willa-lee Reid
Rob Hughes

Forget Me Not Annie Screen Shots!

6 Dec

Check out these recent screen shots of Forget Me Not Annie!

Facebook Page

6 Dec

Check out our Facebook Page!  We are constantly updating our page with new and exciting in-game content as well as some “behind the scenes” videos and pictures of Forget Me Not Annie.

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Forget Me Not Annie – What is this and who are we?

17 Nov

Our blog is finally up!

A quick introduction to us:
George H.C. – Artist
Anthony B. – Level Designer
Brandon D. – Sound Designer and Project Manager
Vlad V. – Programmer/Scripter

What is the game about?

Forget Me Not Annie is a first person puzzler which is based around control and the general theme being horror. You play as a 15 year old girl Annie who is trapped within her own mind and has to use her telekinetic
powers with the help of Howard who you are able to summon at any moment to surpass puzzles. The progression of the game relies heavily on the world lay out and the flow/difficulty of the puzzles and induced into it is a unique atmosphere and feel.

Main mechanics

Our main mechanic is the ability to lift up just about any object in the game with your power. Using your controls you are able to modify the distance of the object, basically giving you depth control. Our secondary mechanic is the ability to summon out Howard the big grotesque teddy bear who has a toggle-able ability, Gravity Draw. Gravity Draw takes objects in a certain radius(AoE) and pulls them towards the bear. To mix things up further, you are able to lift the bear into the air, have full control of his position and depth with your power in conjunction with being able to use Gravity Draw all at the same time.

Below you can see 3 fully animated models of Annie, Howard, and a Doctor that is supposedly the size of a mountain (we will get to him in a later blog post).
Also the first level (full tutorial + 2 extra puzzles) takes place within an interior of a hospital, which you can also see a few pictures off below.

We will now update this blog often with tons of new content and cool things to show as we get it! Thanks for reading!!

In the beginning it was just a girl and her bear.

17 Nov

Well here it is the beginning of Forget Me Not Annie, lets start with some concept images

The above images were created by George our artists.