About us

Vancouver Game Design is a website dedicated to video games. Sometimes that means highlighting weird indy games and sometimes it’s reviewing AAA Blockbusters. Sometimes it’s design theory discussions and sometimes it’s industry interviews. On good days we even have design contests!

The primary writer for the site is Nick Halme. Here’s what he had to say for himself:

Nick is a young writer and aspiring game designer whose cynicism often belies his love for games; but don’t be fooled — he’s on your side. Nick enjoys sharing his critical views on the video game industry, discussing design with people who are way out of his league, and writing bios like this one in the third person. He has just recently graduated VFS, keeps a non-videogame blog here, and has started pimping himself at NickHalme.com

McElroy Flavelle started this site a couple of years ago.  Then he got Nick to write for him.  Then Nick proved to be both more talented as a writer and more dedicated which made it obvious that Nick should run the show.  McElroy now spends his time running Compass Engine.


2 Responses to “About us”

  1. dja November 24, 2008 at 8:51 pm #

    Your blog has Moxie!

    I don’t suppose you have an RSS feed suitable for consumption by Yahoo, do you? Probably i’ve missed it :>(.

  2. nickhalme December 14, 2008 at 10:11 pm #

    Thanks! I’ve just set up an RSS feed for the site; you can find it on the top right — click the icon for the feed (the header text will just reload the page).

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