Compass Engine release location based game Bounty Island

22 Feb

Compass Engine (, a mobile game studio headquartered in Vancouver Canada, is announcing the release of their next location based game, Bounty Island ( Bounty Island is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and uses the player’s location in the real world to generate tropical islands for them to discover and explore.

As the location space continues to heat up, Bounty Island stands apart from other offerings by putting the GAME in location based games. The check in mechanic has always been a great starting point for location services but has never been incorporated into a truly fun game. With Bounty Island players check in to a venue and are given a tropical map unique to that location where they can explore, dig for exotic treasures and try to discover the secret of mysterious Bounty Island.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to get this game out to market and show the world that location doesn’t just have to be about coupons and deals but can simply be fun. Bounty Island is going to prove that location can be used to personalize a game, and we all know that the more personal the game the more engaging it is,” said Compass Engine CEO Mack Flavelle.

Bounty Island is available in the Apple App Store worldwide. (

About Bounty Island
Bounty Island is an adventure game about exploring tropical islands, digging for hidden treasures, looking for rare items and hunting the location of the mysterious Bounty Island. Unlock new maps by checking in at real venues and explore the world around you. Collect dozens of different treasure sets without running out of energy or restore your stamina by finding and eating delicious fruit.  Can you discover the secret of Bounty Island?

App Store:

About Compass Engine

Compass Engine, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada is a mobile games studio building location based games.  Their first title Catch the Canary was released to a small test market in their home city. Compass Engine’s team draws their creative and technical expertise from decades of experience at EA, Sony, Ubisoft, Radical and Rockstar. Compass Engine’s mission is to put the game into location based games.





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