My Design Challenge: Starcraft 2 Map

18 Jul

So, I’ve tooled around in the SC2 editor and made a few maps just to learn the toolset.  Problem is, they’re goofy maps – asymmetrical and gimmicky, based around art themes (a downed battleship with resources clumped near it, for instance, forcing a fight for the center).  Something I learned watching the balance team on DoW 2 construct maps is that RTS maps need to be, if not symmetrical, balanced in the capacity that each player has a fair chance and the same options.  Starcraft 2 is balanced around a certain type of map design, and I’d like to emulate that while keeping things interesting.

Why am I blogging this?  So I finish the damn thing.  This post will be a goal breakdown, and the next will be a paper design that decides what the initial layout and player count will be.  Subsequent posts will document progress until it’s done, with the possibility of a balance pass.

So, what are the goals here?

  1. Create a “Starcrafty” map for Starcraft 2 — following the principles established by the official maps.
  2. Establish a strong theme that can support an interesting art pass; something that adheres to Starcraft 2 fiction.
  3. Use some of the new tricks — passages blocked by destructible rocks.
  4. Construct the map in a timely fashion; with my spare time that means devoting at least an hour a night.
  5. The end product should be arted close to the standards of the official maps.

See you soon with the paper design!


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