Blogging On The Blog, And An Eruption To Boot

15 May

VGD has never been a blog in the traditional sense — as the founders of Destructoid have called it, a stream of cool shit — but it’s going to start partaking.

I don’t have the time or the energy to produce original content here for free.  There will still be the odd opinion piece that sprawls on, and loads of fiction-slanting stuff that nobody will publish elsewhere.  But from now on, expect to see at least a post every day.  Heatwaves & Gamma Rays was supposed to be the place for this, but there’s no use segregating an already small niche.

As the inaugural “cool shit”, here is an amazing time lapse from a photographer who managed to get himself close to the unpronounceable volcano in Iceland to do some real deal photography that puts all the news feeds to shame.



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