Creaking Back to Life

25 Oct

A smarter man would have predicted time would be hard to hold onto after taking up a full-time job.  Me, I don’t think I thought about anything at all but the job (which, is great).  But I write for myself, it’s a very real stress reliever and I need it now more than ever.  Consider this a binding agreement to put up some more constant blog-sized content, and maybe I’ll even compile some now-ancient-to-me GDC and VIGS talks.

But as I turn the lights back on and dust this place off, an online acquaintance is gearing up for an independent project.  Borut Pfeifer (of Plush Apocalypse fame) departed EALA some time ago and is bravely setting out on his own as an indie developer.  Or so he hopes.  I have no idea what his budget concerns are, but I would suppose he’s going to have to hire an artist along with having to support himself.

He’s using a funding platform called Kickstarter to put all this together, and he’s counting on at least 15,000 bucks by December 10th.  If you can find the time and the cash, give this man a hand.  He deserves it.

Here’s some info on the game he’s planning to create, which is of the serious variety:

“The game is set in Tehran, Iran, during the post-election riots that took place this summer. You play a father and mother looking for their lost daughter, amidst crowds of protesters and police. It’s a puzzle/action game, set from a 3/4 overhead perspective in 2D. Characters on the street will react to the father and mother differently (because of their gender). You have to get past the obstacles of crowds and police barricades taking into account these differences, sneaking past police, and occasionally having to fight or avoid violence. The game is meant to be about 2 hours of play, downloadable via PC and Xbox.”

You can donate here.


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