A Pretentious Design

20 Jan

In a swanky hotel room in Vancouver there exists the most pretentious — I’m not sure what you call it — shower knob.  It’s not a knob really, it’s more of a handle that might as well be a knob.  On the face of this handle is what looks like a button; a clearly separate little circle.  When you press it, it does nothing — it doesn’t even press — and is clearly not the button it pretends to be.  Under the handle is what I can only describe as a slider.  There is text on either side of the surface where the slider can travel.  It’s in english, but is seemingly unintelligible — where I expect ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ to be is some gibberish.  The slider is left in its place.

When you turn the shower on it is a surprise.  It is, for whatever arcane reason, the most divine shower you will ever have outside of a gold gilded palace.  Maybe it’s the water pressure, — not too weak, not too strong — or maybe it’s the way it seems to be just hot enough but not scalding.  

Whatever it may be, my scathing examination of the operating device is left in the dust when the shower does its thing.


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