31 Dec

Today when I opened my email inbox I received the message that I had been dethroned.  Maybe if I was a king I would feel betrayed, or that I shouldn’t have drank that tea.  Because it’s probably poison.  No, I’m not a king, but I did have the high score on Ninja Mono for Whitewater by Kyuss.

Audiosurf scoreboard alert – Dethroned!

You used to have the worldwide best score for: whitewater by kyuss

Now the Audiosurf player ‘the american way’ has beaten you. Get back in the game and reclaim the top spot!

For those of you who think I got mono from a ninja, let me fill you in.  Audiosurf, the game in which you shoot along your music in a rocket ship dodging and collecting blocks on a twisting highway designated by the structure of the song (deep breath), informs you when someone has overtaken your score.  It’s the only effective leaderboard system I’ve seen in action since walking past an arcade cabinet was an option.  Plus it’s flattering — I was number one in the world!  Of course, all of six people played the song at all, but a little praise is nice.

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