A Metagame About Metagaming

24 Dec

I’ve never considered myself an achievement whore, and I’m proud to say so.  If achievement points netted me anything — anything at all — I might slip and go skipping down the rabbit hole.  But I’m a WoW veteran — I can smell the sour scent of addiction from a mile away.  If I grab an achievement, great.  If the achievment looks like it’s fun to get, I might give it a go.  But goddamnit, I am not going to play through some Fantastic Four game for a thousand ‘I’ve-got-nothing-better-to-do’ points.

And it’s good to know that I’m not alone — this game is all about achievements.  Besides locomotion the entire game is about earning different achievements.  It joins a host of other metagames (games about games) like You Have To Burn The Rope and Progress Quest, and I think it says something about how videogames are growing up.

These self-referential games, mocking popular game-isms and trends, might even evolve into a genre of their own; the videogame equivalent of the crude, tongue in cheek Shakespearean comedy.


Achievement Unlocked is, surprisingly, more about the right side of the screen than the left.


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