Yahtzee Wants on the Tube

18 Dec

Loud, fast talking hyper-cynic Yahtzee has gotten together with two of his buddies and created a TV pilot for a show called Game Damage.  My uncle lives in Australia and I was surprised to see the state gaming was in when I flew down a couple years ago; the only thing my uncle had played since the Playstation 1 days was arcade games, (Aussie arcades are quite good though) and the price of ‘next generation’ consoles was ridiculous.  But most horrible of all, their videogame shows were, as they would say, rubbish.  One sleepless night I stayed up watching ‘the tele’, and was horrified when videogame show after videogame show shouted ‘How awesome is your system and all the games on it?’ So I think Yahtzee’s show has a good chance at being picked up down under, if not elsewhere — this is honest, slightly funny, genuinely Aussie game criticism.

For what my two cents are worth, I reckon they should look into accruing some sponsors and running the show on the internet — Revision3 shows have done quite well for themselves.


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