Sore Thumbs Lets Loose on Game Journos

9 Dec

As someone who straddles the line between wannabe developer and wannabe enthusiast press, I carry around in my head a list of notable game designers and of notable game journalists (I’ll call them journalists to avoid confusing them with game writers).  And among the top tier of that game journalist list are Dan “Shoe” Hsu and Crispin Boyer, both ex-Ziffers who not too long ago started up their own blog, Sore Thumbs.  Shoe is famous for sidestepping the usual bullshit associated with the enthusiast press, while Boyer is famous for sticking goodies in old magazines and conjuring up 8 bit Batman sounds.  But the point is, they’re both *still* excellent writers.

So recently I came upon an article Crispin had written that, well, encourages aspiring game journalists to learn how to write well.  There’s a reason game coverage is referred to as the enthusiast press, usually accompanied by an air of disdain — the enthusiasm for games comes first, and if you’re literate at all, welcome to writing game reviews.  But that process doesn’t produce the best writers, and Crispin lets ’em have it.

Go give it a perusal.


One Response to “Sore Thumbs Lets Loose on Game Journos”

  1. Duncan December 10, 2008 at 6:23 pm #

    I’m not really into the whole game journo thing, but I read the article anyway. Twas pretty ace.

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