A Little Big Revolution

2 Nov

A little bit Monty Python, a little bit Mario.  That’s how I would describe Little Big Planet, even though I could have cared less about the game before seeing the incredibly charming intro cinematic.  You know, it’s just one of those games.  It’s not for me.  It’s for strange people who want to decorate a little puppet and slap stickers on things — I don’t see how that makes for a good time.  Oh, how foolish I was.

See, the game itself still doesn’t interest me — platformers will never keep me going for long (unless it’s very actiony, like Noitu Love).  But I think I’ve grown into something of a stage in life where I need some comfort.  I know, sounds all mushy.  But times are a little rough and you know what?  I don’t mind jumping around on platforms if it’s incubated by strange british wit, whimsical scenery and music, and an admittedly cute avatar.  It’s just nice to be around the game, it just makes people feel good — something that not too many games aim to do in the same way.  Even Mario has fallen out of my good graces; I was never good at the game but I admired the character and setting.  Now Mario just feels like a convenient Halloween costume for gamers and an empty frontman that children enjoy.

But I’ll be damned if this isn’t the new Mario for the next generation.  I can feel it; or rather I want it to be so bad that I’m shaking.  Because Mario doesn’t mean anything, it’s just ‘A-look at-a me!  I’m-a jumping!’.  But Little Big Planet has a theme, and a message to communicate that’s easy to understand and hard to disagree with.  Use your imagination.  Everyone should use it, and you should use it together.  It doesn’t even discriminate; it’s not saying ‘Everyone should paint a picture!’.  No, it doesn’t care if you’re a five year old or an accountant, just have some fun and use your brain, because it feels good.


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