Previously On Destructoid

18 Oct

Posting every single thing from VGD on the Destructoid blog and vice versa doesn’t give other stories too much time on the front page, so most of them will be aggregated and posted together.  I’m still on a post-Thanksgiving break with my family, but expect some comments on Blizzcon 08 before I get back to my computer after this next weekend.

Games For The Depression

Breaking Old Habits

I’ve also picked up Silent Hill: Homecoming and had a chance to play it at a neighbour’s place (my parents have awesome neighbours), and I’m really liking it.  I also picked up Fracture, which has inspired me to go through my collection and pick out box art to comment on — because if Fracture’s front cover tells the potential buyer anything, it’s that the protagonist has a lower torso and that’s about it.


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