10 Sep

Yes, mugs.  The Valve Store is selling Aperture Science and Black Mesa mugs that are right now using a black magic to urge my brain into buying them.  It shouldn’t be too hard, seeing as they’re dirt cheap (I guess, for a mug), but then again I also don’t really drink tea or coffee at home.  That is, I’m too lazy to make it.  

Anyways, hit the jump for some pictures of these slick mugs — am I appraising these correctly, is there some sort of mug-specific adjective I should be using? — along with their scientifically accurate documentation.

The non-patented thermally-insulating Aperture Laboratories mug is engineered to reduce conductive thermal transfers of hot, tasty liquids to ambient room temperature, thus helping to maintain an optimal sipping environment for the duration of your scheduled refreshment period.


A replica of cafeteria-ware used at the Black Mesa Research Facility.  This hydration tool is perfect for dispensing caffeinated brew due to the same non-patented thermally-insulating materials found in the Aperture Laboratories mug.


One Response to “Mug-O-Riffic”

  1. sasha September 14, 2008 at 8:04 pm #

    I tried to get one of these last week, but there’s a catch: shipping to Canada is $27.


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