Dawn of War II Over At Rock, Paper, Shotgun

15 Jul

RockPaperShotgun is an awesome site; doubly awesome because they posted what I suspect is the new introduction cinematic for Relic’s Dawn of War II.

Having just purchased the new Warhammer 40k rulebook, I couldn’t help but intervene.

That means the current faction roster for Dawn of War II is so far composed of the Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, and Tyranids. Although who knows if the Tyranids will be a playable race, and not just the looming ‘bad guys’ in the campaign.

Here’s a direct link to a higher quality version of the movie. We’re working on getting a movie plug-in for the site, but for now you get a link!

And yes, I know; I’m a whore. Being mentioned on RPS makes me giddy.


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