Burnout’s Big Mistake

13 Jun

Burnout Paradise Logo

I was late to the next gen party and didn’t get my 360 all that long ago.

I was also late to the “fancy flat TV” party so these two things came waltzing into my life at about the same time.

That being the case, when I started playing Burnout Paradise I was blown away. It was simple (it is a racing game after all,) looked amazing and was fun as hell. All this and I haven’t even tried it out online which is apparently amazing.

Anyhow, then I learn that each mission/event is triggered at different intersections. This is very cool because as you drive around there is always new missions to do and places to explore. Unfortunately this is also a very bad thing, and it’s easy to see why.

There’s no compulsion loop. So many hours are put into people trying to master one area/task/skill in a game- it is the greatest frustration but also greatest moment in video games. It is the source of the “Just one more time…” all of our younger brothers hated to hear us mutter.

And this moment doesn’t happen in Burnout.

By the time you realize you’re definitely not going to win the race you’re half way to the other side of the entire city.

So, the problem could easily be solved with a “restart current mission” button. Tony Hawk 2 had a two minute compulsion loop built right into it and I would still reset early if I wasn’t going to achieve my immediate goal.

But once again, this doesn’t happen in Burnout Paradise.

I have no idea why that one button isn’t in the menu screen. It would take a good game and make it great. And it seems so obvious that I’m still scared that the option is there- I was to stupid to see it- and somebodies going to make me look like an idiot. But that wouldn’t be so bad cause then I could really love the game!


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