VIGS: Slant Six Media Reception

23 May

On Tuesday I had the chance to stop by Slant Six for their pre-VIGS reception, and a live demo of Socom: Confrontation. Unfortunately I can only show you this shot of their snazzy neon logo — any shots of the delicious game in the next room was prohibited. What I can say is that Socom fans won’t be disappointed that Zipper is no longer at the head of the franchise, and that Slant Six’s testing team are a bunch of ruthless bastards. I mean that in the nicest way, really. The demo was given during a live playtest, and some of the testers weren’t aware they were part of the demo — there was no mercy given to those demonstrating. There’s not many workplaces around where you can spawn camp your boss.

While I’m not at liberty to preview the build I saw, I can say that their cover system is really interesting, and is something I’d like to touch on later when the game nears release. Confrontation’s cover system doesn’t even have to be used for cover. Yeah, intriguing isn’t it?



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