16 Apr

While I’m waiting on getting a more meaty article up here on the front page, I thought I’d drop some interesting links to peruse.

— After an analog game workshop some of GD09 had with some students from GD11, I thought I would share a link to Street Fighter HD designer David Sirlin’s blog, where he talks a bit about rule design. Check out the rest of his site too, he’s a smart if very opinionated guy.

— Former VFS instructor Borut Pfeifer has been blogging about whether videogames can ever affect people emotionally and reflect on relevant cultural issues, like novels or film can, after accepting a wager from Steve Gaynor. It’s a weighted question, and the debate has even reached Newsweek’s gaming aficionado, N’gai Croal.

— 1up has an article covering the zany flash game You Have To Burn The Rope. Check it out for their impressions.

— Check out Game Career Guide’s article on Entry-Level Design positions, as well as Types of Designers; it’s hard to get anyone to spit out exactly what you will be doing as a game designer, many times you will be spoken to as a general game developer at VFS and these roles are obscured.

Keep an eye out for a larger update soon 🙂

— Nick


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