Peregrine presents Foreign

14 Nov

Peregrine“Foreign” is an action adventure that derives its game play from three story driven experiences that come together to make one multiplayer game. A distant solar system in the Black Eye Galaxy is spun into a vortex by one of the planets that have a fabled relic with legendary power. Two of the other remaining planets with civilizations decide to send operatives to retrieve the relic from an island on the lost planet Foras, in order to save their respective planets. With Medea (the scientist) trying to retrieve the relic (by using her stealth abilities) and Vires (the soldier) also trying to retrieve the relic (by using his brute force) they will stop at nothing to achieve their opposing objective. On the island Sacrare (the guardian of the island) is awaken with the sole objective of stopping both of the ‘intruders’ from stealing the relic which maintains the stability of the island (by using his specially endowed powers); a three way chase ensues where only the player with the most skill and cunning will prevail.


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