Innovation at EA

14 Nov

McElroy Flavelle (GD08)

Lots of people like to rag on EA. They’re too big, the Walmart of Video games yaddii yadii yadda. I only want to point out one thing.

They seem to have put in a ton of work in innovating control schemes over the last year.

No we are not link farming this is just an endorsement for


  1. The boxing game made in Chicago. I only played it for ten minutes and couldn’t figure out how to use the analog sticks but apparently it’s really natural once you figure it out.
  2. Def Jam Icon- I didn’t try this one at all but it created quite a stir when it came out. Both this one and the boxing game we’re highly acclaimed for innovative control as well as really pretty polygons.
  3. And of course skate. I’m going to start playing it tonight but once again we keep hearing about a new control scheme that works, is intuitive and heightens game play.

So yes I just managed to review three games I’ve never played- I’m just saying rate the studio by the games, not by your message board buddies mumblings about monopolization.


2 Responses to “Innovation at EA”

  1. Nick Halme November 22, 2007 at 12:03 pm #

    Apparently John Riccitiello’s return to the company has had a huge impact: the guy isn’t uptight and scared of new things.

    The boxing game made by (former) EA Chicago is Fight Night, and yes the combat system was innovative if not polished (a fight can be won by furiously rotating the right analogue stick with the palm of your hand).

    EA isn’t as evil as people think. Do they consume choice developers and spit them out when they’ve gotten the IP they wanted? Yep, you can’t argue that. Do they churn out games on one year dev cycles in order to fund new IPs, flooding the market with slightly iterated games year after year? This is a fact, yes.

    But aren’t you glad they’re there? My Grandma knows what EA is, and if that doesn’t legitimize gaming to some extent then I’m at a loss for what will do so in the eyes of the public. Besides, if EA wasn’t the ‘bad guy’ of the industry don’t think for a second that another company wouldn’t have stepped up to the plate to get their hands on all that cash.

  2. McElroy Flavelle November 22, 2007 at 5:09 pm #


    That was eloquent.

    You should write here more Nick.

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